Advanced Health Care Directive

What is an Advanced Healthcare Directive? Why is it important or useful to know about? What are its benefits? Who or what situation is it best suited for? Who is an ideal client for this service?

An Advanced Healthcare Directive is a legal document that allows you to appoint a health care agent or representative to make medical decisions on your behalf if your condition does not allow you to make your own decisions. The Advanced Healthcare Directive gives you the opportunity to outline your wishes regarding medical procedures you want to have done if you are incapacitated. An Advanced Healthcare Directive allows you to prepare in advance for any and all kinds of health care emergencies.

What problems or challenges does an Advanced Healthcare Directive address?

An advanced healthcare directive ensures that the right person will be making decisions for you that are consistent with your personal wishes.

Why work with Key Counsel P.C. Law Firm for this service?

Our attorneys are skilled drafters and listen carefully to create an advanced healthcare directive that meets all your needs. If you have questions about advanced healthcare directives or are ready to move forward with creating an advanced healthcare directive, we are ready to help.