Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning? Why is it important or useful to know about? What are its benefits? Who or what situation is it best suited for?

Estate Plans are not for a particular type of person but can be beneficial to all people. Everyone can benefit from the peace of mind that planning for the future can bring. An a estate plan has five major purposes that can serve you during your life and after your death:

  • Providing for your incapacity
  • Appointing a guardian for your minor children and a person to manage the children’s assets
  • Avoiding a probate, including avoiding the delays in distribution of assets and
    expenses associated with a probate
  • Choosing how your assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries after your death
  • Potentially minimizing estate taxes

What problems or challenges does a Estate Planning address?

A well-crafted estate plan can be a gift to your loved ones and a way to retain complete control over your assets and how they are distributed at your death. Having a good estate plan can relieve the stress your loved ones may face during a time of great grief or distress.

Why work with Key Counsel P.C. Law Firm for Estate Planning?

You can count on three major pluses when you work with Key Counsel, P.C. Attorneys:

  • Certainty. While the future is uncertain, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones and the causes you care about will be taken care of with a comprehensive estate plan.
  • Access. Estate planning can be an overwhelming process. However, our process alleviates stress and keeps the client well informed. We work diligently to get your estate plan done and make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Guidance. We have many years of combined experience helping people protect and preserve what they care about the most, and understand that no two estate plans are alike. Our team takes a comprehensive approach in listening to your wishes and helping you craft the right estate plan for you and your family.

If you have questions about the estate planning process, or are ready to move forward with creating a comprehensive estate plan, we are ready to help.