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Welcome to Key Counsel, P.C. where we are the key to your case! Our skilled attorneys provide client centered representation to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes. We are committed to providing superior and exemplary service to our clients. Contact us for a free consultation!


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Tough times don't call for desperate measures, but for the assistance of wise counsel. Our legal experts have years of experience providing quality representation to clients in the areas of probate, trust litigation, estate planning, conservatorships, guardianships, business, adoption and civil law. Our top notch attorneys provide personalized care to get our clients the best possible outcome in their case. We pride ourselves on being the key to our clients' case!


Our Practice Areas

At any given time in your life, you can unexpectantly be faced with a legal dispute. Our skilled attorneys can provide assistance with your legal matters in the areas of Estate Planning, Business Law, and Civil Litigation.


Business Law

Protect, establish, or grow your new or existing business. Avoid lawsuits by being legally compliant with ever-changing laws and operating under sound business contracts.


Civil Litigation

Get the best representation when you have a civil case against another individual or business.



Probate is the court's way of supervising the distribution of the decedents' assets and titles to those named as beneficiaries in the will or the heirs where there is no will.


Estate Planning

Make sure your wishes are carried out at your death and give a tremendous gift to your loved ones by getting your house in order and developing an estate plan.